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I’m Brittany. I am an elderberry enthusiast! I love sharing my wellness products with the public. I offer fresh elderberry syrup made locally in South MS (Wiggins) and dry packs to make yourself and tweak if you’d like! 

October is #BirthdayMonthCelebration! Check my FB page (Elderberry & Wellness) for fun giveaways and other goodies this month! 

Why Choose Us?

I’m Brittany.

Wellness is life.

I enjoy learning new things that will help me to become less dependent upon the pharma industry and more in tune with body-friendly natural options. I make elderberry syrup and dry packs which do a huge part in keeping us healthy and our immune systems engaged. I’ve been making my syrup for 3 years now, and am excited to continue to offer it to you!  

I have loved Brittany’s elderberry syrup! I use a tablespoon every couple of nights in a cup of warm tea. So nice and soothing! Perfect way to reduce stress AND positively reinforce your immune system ✨

Sarah Kelly Erwin

About Us


I am a homeschooling mama of 3 who spends my days changing diapers, cleaning up food fights, and giggling with my kids. This elderberry venture has been a way for me to positively impact my community and carve out a little me time while supplementing our one-income little family. Thank you for supporting my little business! 

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